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Shooting pictures of a different nature....


Ice queen...
  The oldest pictures on this website were taken with  a digital 3 megapixel compact camera from Canon.  Later on I used a 7 megapixel superzoom compact from Olympus. Nowadays I mainly use a 10 megapixel Olympus reflex camera with several lenses. I started this "hobby" as soon as the digital era in photography came into reach for me. 

I probably wouldn't have discovered this without a digital camera, because of all the possibilities of examening the pictures on the computer (e.g. zooming in) that weren't there before. I've developed some techniques I use when taking these pictures. I've learned to create the "right" circumstances, like taking pictures in smoke or water.


But actually, the most beautiful pictures turned up unexpectedly...In a number of cases I used the macro mode on the camera and then shot a picture of plants, trees or whatever. The camera focuses on the nearest object and the rest becomes a bit blurry. Often I discovered anomalies in the blurry part of the picture. That is what struck me. Thereís an analogy with people who can sense or see these beings.

They seem not to focus on our own reality but on "the other side". They defocus. Thatís a key-word in my opinion. You might say we need to defocus from every day life if we want to be able to see this with our own eyes. And defocus from our fixed idea's as well. Because you can expect the weirdest things that may not match your conception of nature or life in general at all.

The picture below is an example of how plant spirits or nature spirits may show themselves, probably making use of unsharpness of the picture. It is a picture of a bracket fungus, using the macro mode of the camera. It's just as if the phenomenon is teasing us. The blurriness will, no doubt, cause the unwilling sceptic to ruthlessly reject it. But if you look just a tiny little bit better, you may be able to see several figures and amorous couples sitting on the funguses....

It i
s said that if you want to see nature spirits, you have to look from the corner of your eyes and then you might see them flash by. We just have to look differently. Take the pictures below, for example. A picture of a tree. Nothing special about it, at first glance. But look closer, beneath the arrow. In the grass, a couple of strange, small figures are faintly visible.They're camouflaged by their colours, but you should be able to see them.

But this is what I got when I enlarged the cropped image and adjusted the color levels. It actually
looks like a family (man, woman and child) who have a picknick. Or  they might be moving a branch or something ? It also looks like the woman is carrying a reddish apple. The apple measures about a quarter her total size. Notice that the features of the man's face (on the right) are very hard to distinguish. As if they wanted to save "energy" by just painting a rough sketch.

Maybe we all can see them and maybe we even do sometimes, but these split second images are filtered out by our brain thatís programmed not to believe these kind of things, without us even noticing. Well, a camera doesnít have chip that says: you canít show this and you canít show that.

Something that may play an important role in this are lighting conditions. Light is an important source of energy these beings play with in order to show themselves.  The higher the intensity of sunlight, the more likely it becomes that they show themselves (although this is no law and order). Even, or should I say especially,  in over-exposed pictures, just on the edge, where the light starts to become blinding anomalies can often be discovered.
Look at the picture below to see how they play with lighting conditions in order to show themselves....and how they can leave an imprint in ..whatever material.



For those of you who want to experiment themselves: As for possible locations to shoot: I did not wander off to remote locations or rainforests to take these pictures. A number were taken in my own garden and the rest in nature areaís not far from where I live.

Your own attitude is of course also very important. Think of nature and all it's beings with respect and gratitude and...just ask  for assistance and help. Try to connect to nature, feel a part of it. Listen to your intuition, give in to a sudden hunch. If you are in resonance with nature, things may start to happen.

A book I ran into, problably not coincidentally, is:  "Plant Spirit Medicine: The Healing Power of Plants" by Eliot Cowan (ISBN: 1893183114). It taught me a lot about nature and plant spirits. I  warmly recommend it. It gave me a better understanding of plant spirits and ancient shamanic practice. 


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