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.~Nature as a medium? - nature as an entity?~
Transcommunication with nature

  I have been a researcher of instrumental transcommunication for several decades. Instrumental transcommunication (ITC) is contact with spirits (or rather: with dimensions we normally cannot perceive?) with the help of technical equipment. The introduction of technical devices such as radio, television and computer has made this possible.

It all started with the electronic voice phenomenon (EVP).  Voices of unknown origin were captured on tape with the help of  a microphone or radio. Unknown origin is perhaps not very well put, because the voices  very often tell us
that they belong to deceased people who moved on to an afterlife.

Based on the experience of thousands of  EVP-researchers over the last forty years you could say that is highly probable that such an afterlife really exists. Later on people found out that, using special techniques (allegedly the result of information received through EVP)  images from other realms could be received through television and video-camera and recorded on VHS. Even computer messages have been reported to appear spontaneously.

I have received numerous voices myself that actually claim to be the dead. You may want to read about it on my website www.transcommunicatie.nl (sorry, in Dutch. But try Google Translate). Through the years I have also received so-called “transimages” by means of video-camera and television.

Transimages are often very well hidden and it takes time and practice to be able to focus or defocus in a way that these pictures reveal their hidden images. You may also have heard or read about spirit photography. Modern digital photo camera’s, with all their advanced micro-electronics, are susceptible to both light energy and electromagnetic energy, which might be of importance in regard to the following.

In the year 2003
I bought my first digital camera. I loved the macro shots it produced of insects and flowers. Probably because I have a tendency to watch images in an investigative way I discovered


strange appearances on some of them. Faces, figures, shapes that should not be in the pictures could be seen. So I took more pictures to see if  I could capture more "anomalies" and maybe learn more about the conditions required for them to occur.

The more pictures I took with this intention, the more stowaways I discovered in a variety of  appearances, some of them were really weird. It actually gave me the impression that  an effort was being made to communicate and that maybe nature itself was responsible for this (?).


Nature spirits? Nothing surprises me anymore, but it’s quite a challenge to convince your friends of something like that.  So I showed some pictures to a few friends. They had to admit they saw something, I told them they were fairies, we had a good laugh and that was that. At least I had some sort of confirmation. .

Of course I had heard of devas, nature spirits. And I know there are people who are second-sighted and can actually see them. But I don´t see them and I had never given it much thought, although I’ve always been open to it. Since I first noticed these strange things however, I have learnt a lot about them. I know there are ITC- researchers who established a voice contact with them. I plan to do that as well in the future. So far I’ve concluded that many of the apparitions actually look like the creatures that have been described in the myths of many cultures over the centuries. If you would ask me: "How about nature spirits, do they really exist?" , I would say: "Look at the pictures, and decide for yourself". It seems nature is alive in a way we probably once knew, but have long forgotten about. It makes me wonder: whose fairy tale are WE playing a part in?

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