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Cameras with second sight ?

How should we look at these pictures. Is this evidence? And if so, of what?

I'm writing this, as an update,  in the spring of 2014, almost eleven years after I tried to put my first thoughts on this subject into words. In an effort to, very briefly, summarize what has occured till now.  Most of the pictures on these pages date from the first years of my "different nature research". Things have evolved since then. Or just changed course. The kind of results you get depend a great deal  on what you are tuned into, what you are in resonance with.

In the beginning I was just mesmerized by the pictures, the sheer beauty and craziness at the same time. And the consequences for the way I looked at nature. It was a jaw dropping experience and it seemed to be confined to elementals, nature spirits or nature beings. Caught in photographs, emanating simply from peaceful moments in nature.

Later on I assumed a more "scientific" attitude and I began to call it "ITC research" and "experiments" again. From then on the nature of the pictures changed somewhat, it broadened. There seemed to be a shift to, how can I put it, "less elemental",  sometimes a more humanoid feel. I guess you could say less unambiguous. Some of the more recent pictures can be found on the Differentnature Facebook page.


Digital cameras seem to be more susceptible to "the paranormal" than "old fashioned" 35 mm cameras with film. Apart from the optical system, digicams have an electronic circuitry in addition  to process images that might be influenced. However, when scientists investigate the authenticity of paranormal photography, a.k.a. spirit photography they want to take a thorough look at the negative film. Because, YES, we want proof!  

The same goes for, let's say, UFO pictures. If the object is on the negative, one can exclude the possibility of the photo print being tampered with. And here's the main reason why those pictures cannot be tested in the traditional way. Digital cameras have no negatives. All I have are the original pictures containing the EXIF information header, but for all you know I might have been manipulating every tiny detail. Well, I guess you are going to have to trust me on this one.

What do these pictures show ?

Many of the visualisations are not perfect or complete. That may be an inconvenience, but in my opinion, it comes with the territory. They're projections from another level of existence into ours. And it takes a lot of effort to achieve that. I see it like this: in a split second conditions on our side are manipulated in a way that allows them to make themselves perceptible to us.

Take the picture on the left for example: lighting conditions, the  wind, the plants, they all seem to collaborate in per-fect synchronicity in order to get the picture right. Not to mention getting the photographer to press the button at the precise moment...

I'm not going to tell you what you should see in this picture, that there's a little man who looks like Santa Claus with a white beard and a reddish nose with a lady by his side. The problem is, if you don't expect to see something abnormal in a perfectly normal picture, you will have a hard time actually seeing it. It's the same thing if someone says a ridiculous thing in
the middle of an everyday conversation. Afterwards you wonder: "did he really say that?". So expect anything.. 

It looks like an effort is being made to communicate in one way or another. Sometimes it looks like "something" just wants to show it's presence and in a number of cases there seems to be a (hidden) message. Maybe a warning for the way we treat the planet and the dangerous situation we're manoeuvering ourselves into.

As hunters and collectors we might have picked up these signals, but as our consciousness grew bigger, our abilities to tune into our natural environment faded away. But now this contact might be restored via a detour. But a lot of work has to be done first, it's like having to learn a whole new language at a later age. But maybe it will help us to "tune in again"?

Have a look at pictures of Gnomes (earth elementals), Sylphs (air elementals), Salamanders (fire elementals) and Undines (Water elementals) or click on the page numbers on the top of this page to see some more pictures.

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