The language of water
You are advised to download the pictures to your harddisk first (right-click-->save picture as).
Then examine the pictures thoroughly by zooming in on / enlarging details ,
using for example the Windows viewer for images and faxes.
The original picture below measured 2048X1536 pixels and was rotated 90 degrees.
The dimensions of the crops were doubled.
If you give it some time, you might come to the same conclusion as I.
The figures are often strangely shaped, you might even call them comic book figures.
This may look bizarre and probably make you frown. But this might just be
nature's way to communicate, nature's language, so to speak. Through water.
You might even recognize prehistoric creatures. There are simply too many complex structures
in the pictures to label it as pure chance. In my opinion.
Of course, the image was formed by the reflection of trees and the wrinkles in
the water, but given the result, the presence of some regulating force might be suspected.



Here's another example of how driving forces may show themselves to you ...


2003-2007 Leon Stam